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Heart & Stroke/Specified-Diseaseix

Heart Disease costs can add up quickly. Annual expenses for care associated with heart conditions in the United States average about $4,000 per year.x Our products offer coverage that provides additional financial protection for those medical and non-medical costs of many heart-related conditions, including heart attack, heart disease and stroke. During that time, costs add up — bills in your mailbox, car trips to the doctor, prescriptions and others. Our Heart and Stroke policy pays in addition to any major medical insurance benefits.


ix Heart & Stroke insurance is issued on policy form GRH-1004-LA (9/06).

x Mean Expenses per Person with Care for Selected Conditions by Type of Service: United States, 2013. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. Medical Expenditure Panel Survey.

A loss may not be covered if it is traceable to a condition existing prior to the effective date of the policy. See the attached brochure for pre-existing condition limitations and definition.

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