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Cancer Policyvi

Every day, people are diagnosed with cancer. It is devastating and can change their lives forever — emotionally, physically, and financially. The reality is that men have slightly less than a one in two lifetime risk of developing cancer and women have more than a 33% chance of developing cancer.vii

At NTA Life, our main concern is easing your financial burden after a covered diagnosis and during treatment. We have developed a cancer insurance policy that provides additional financial protection for the medical and non-medical costs of cancer, as well as its early identification and treatment. This policy provides direct payments to you (unless you specify otherwise), regardless of other major medical coverages you may have.


viCancer insurance is issued on policy form GRC-2005-LA (11/11).

vii Cancer Facts and Figures 2013, American Cancer Society, Surveillance and Health Services Research.

A loss may not be covered if it is traceable to a condition existing prior to the effective date of the policy. See the attached brochure for pre-existing condition limitations and definition.

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Policy Form GRC-2005-LA (11/11) Brochure.
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