This site was created exclusively for employees of the State of Louisiana to describe the benefit options available to them through payroll deduction from National Teachers Associates Life Insurance Company ("NTA Life")
Disability Incomeviii

If you become disabled, how long could you pay bills and provide for your family with reduced earnings? How long will the disability benefit from your employer-sponsored insurance plan last? Do you have enough set aside to cover the additional expenses caused by a disability?

What you have now and your plans for the future depend upon your ability to work and earn an income. If you're like most people, you probably have insurance to protect your home, car, and savings — but do you have insurance to protect your ability to earn an income? At the bottom line, your income is the foundation that holds up the rest.

Our Disability Income coverage can help you take care of important expenses: food, clothing, travel and lodging expenses, copayments, and medical costs not covered under other plans.

viii Disability Income Insurance is issued on policy form ICC16 GRD-6005 (8/16).

A loss may not be covered if it is traceable to a condition existing prior to the effective date of the policy. See the attached brochure for pre-existing condition limitations and definition.

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