This site was created exclusively for employees of the State of Louisiana to describe the benefit options available to them through payroll deduction from National Teachers Associates Life Insurance Company ("NTA Life")
Accident Policiesiv

From work related injuries to traffic accidents, to trips, slips and falls, accidental injuries happen every day. Rarely do we stop and think about how an accidental injury may affect us. The average medical and work-loss cost of an emergency department-treated unintentional injury in the U.S. in 2013 was $14,685.v

At NTA Life, we want to help prepare you for those unforeseen circumstances. Our accident policy provides benefits in addition to employer-sponsored coverage and pays you specific amounts for care and treatment of covered accidents. With direct cash payments to you (unless you tell us otherwise), you can be back on your feet financially before you're actually back on your feet!


iv Accident insurance is issued on policy form GRA-3004-LA (1/15).
v Estimated Lifetime Medical and Work-Loss Costs of Emergency Department-Treated Nonfatal Injuries – United Sates, 2013. Center for Disease Control. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.

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